As I see it, it’s a courageous act to seek help, particularly if it is asking for help with your moods and emotions. You are the expert on you and what you want. My job is to listen so well that I hear things you are saying that may have escaped your notice; to listen so well that I can illuminate skills you already possess but perhaps have forgotten or dismissed as inadequate. From my point of view, my job is to highlight these positive qualities and together plot a course toward the values and goals of your vision. Freeing you of negative thoughts and stories will build confidence in your abilities that will allow the pursuit of the rich and fulfilling life you deserve. Empowering others is what I love to do.


My credentials: Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. A psychotherapist for over ten years at a large psychiatric hospital I’ve had wide experience with different races, religions, sexual orientations and diagnosis. I’ve also had long experience working in the corporate sector.

Give me the opportunity to understand your situation so I can support your efforts toward the life you desire.