Are You at a Crossroads?

Older Adults face many changes, not always what we desire: reduced mobility; grief over the loss of a loved one; end of a career; the loneliness of an emptier house; caretaking responsibilities; declining energy or health; faltering relationships, depression.... The list is incomplete and perhaps you just checked choice “D. none of the above”; your individual issues are, after all, unique to you.

But if your suffer from any of the above or any of the multitude of other emotional dilemmas that plague us as we age and you’re having trouble handling them on your own it may be time to consider asking for help. Everyone faces challenges many of which can be addressed better with help rather than alone. I am committed to providing the support you need to evoke your own inner strength so that you can improve your situation and pursue the fulfilling meaningful life you deserve.


Many of us starting therapy for the first time fear we will be seen as weak; but we all know it takes courage to face our fears; it takes courage to open ourselves to another; and it takes courage to look into ourselves and make changes. Only the courageous enter therapy.


No matter what your age or situation, life does not have to be unceasingly painful or monotonous. Life should be a thrilling and satisfying experience; but it does take a commitment, a willingness to risk oneself pursuing a new dream, or possibly an old one; to accept losses; to take a chance on a fresh beginning; to take a hopeful direction. I’ve worked with many who have faced a wide variety of challenges and have helped them find their path to an optimistic future and reignite the spark that makes life exhilarating. If you would like to explore working with a therapist dedicated to the concerns of older adults please call me at: 201-543-9587 for a free 20-minute consultation.